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Danny Taylor Staff Photo

Boise State University:  Bachelor of Music in Music Education 1998


Boston University:  Master of Music in Music Education 2011


1998-2001  3-5 Music Specialist:  Hailey Elementary School; Hailey, Idaho

2001-2007  K-12 Music Specialist:  South Wasco County School District; Maupin, Oregon

2007-present  K-5 Music Specialist:  Seaside School District; Seaside, Oregon


I'm Danny Taylor.  I teach K-5 Music at Seaside Heights Elementary School and Gearhart Elementary School.  That's around 800 students!  I know all of their names.  It's important.  Singing, moving and playing instruments is also important.  We play freeze dance, movement shapes, put it somewhere and various different movement games to a variety of music.  We play xylophones, ukuleles, drums and a variety of other percussion instruments.  Each class has music once a week.  That's not a lot of time, so we focus on "doing" goals.  If you come to music class, you will notice that students are actively engaged in performing and making music.  


Even though we engage in a variety of musical activities, my main goal every year is for each student to be able to sing in tune.  The voice is an instrument that goes with you everywhere, so if a person learns how to use their voice musically, they will have the gift of music with them where ever they are for the rest of their life.


I have a beautiful wife (Nancy) and three children (Jessica, 19; Ethan, 16; Sam, 10) and two dogs (Wilbur and Sunny).  I am the head Junior Varsity football coach at Seaside High School.  I love reading science fiction/fantasy novels, playing video games, watching movies, wrestling with my two boys, Crossfit, walks on the beach with Nancy, boogie boarding, and , most of all, family vacations.