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Betsy Mahoney Staff Photo

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Betsy Mahoney, and I am a Kindergarten teacher here at Seaside Heights.  I have lived here on the North Coast with my family for the past 13 years.  My husband, Tim, is also a teacher.  We have three amazing daughters.  Our oldest is entering high school this year and our youngest is 10 months old.  They keep us busy running between the dance studio, the soccer field, and roller derby practice among other daily events.

We moved here from John Day, Oregon where I began my teaching career in first grade.  I have since taught Kindergarten, Second grade, Sixth grade, Title I reading.  I also have extensive training in teaching reading as well as teaching to learners for whom English is their second language.  The early grades are by far my favorites to teach, and I especially enjoy being a part of the process of students learning to unlock the world of being a reader.

Outside of the school day I have many other things I also enjoy doing.  When I am not chasing my own children around, I like to do just about anything that requires creativity.  Some of my favorite activities include decorating, painting, sewing, and baking.  I also love it when I can find time to go shopping or enjoy a good book.

I look forward to learning more about you and your family as we go through this year together!