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Monday, January 23, 2017
Volunteers Needed!

ASPIRE is Looking for Volunteers

Greetings parents! I know what you are thinking, here is another organization asking for me to volunteer my time. This is true. ASPIRE is a state sponsored program designed to pair volunteer mentors with students to help develop a plan to meet educational and career goals beyond high school.  

Our volunteers have a group of 3-8 students they develop relationships with while helping those students achieve their goals after high school.

·         Time commitment: About 1 hour a week, however ASPIRE can be flexible with each individual.

·         No expertise on college admissions, financial aid, or career options after high school is required to volunteer.

·         Training and ample resources will be provided to fully support you in your role.

Here’s the catch, the content our mentors learn is vital information that all parents will need to understand as your child nears and progresses through high school. Joining ASPIRE as a volunteer provides you with a worthwhile opportunity to get involved in your community while developing an advanced understanding of all the information that your child will need as they approach graduation.   Stay ahead of the game while helping our young adults pursue their dreams after high school.

Interested in becoming an ASPIRE Mentor?

Contact: Matt Bisek – ASPIRE Coordinator


Phone: 952-200-7106

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